Everyone can do  can something for environment. Any small steps mean a lot in the future. As an artist, I’m pursuing ethical ways in creativity and making  better choices as much as I can. There are many opportunities to make choices, like when I select art supplies, printmakers and packagings etc. Just take a moment and consider a better way even a little. Here is example;

  • Select Cadmium-free colour paints
  • Avoid hazardous labeled colour paints
  • Minimize packaging waste, Re-use materials, Choose eco-friendly materials for delivery
Also, I keep sharing what I personally study for this matter. You can access in Japanese on note. To tell the truth, I found it very hard as an individual, to reach out to the right information and understand them without scientific background. Because there are so complex and scattered on the internet. At the same time, I assume that it will be helpful to share what I study for someone who also look for ethical ways in creativity. Moreover, your support is very helpful. Please let me know if you find useful articles or anything on this topic.

2024.04  Solo Exhibit @BLUE HOUSE STUDIO in Asahi-vil. NAGANO, JAPAN 
BLUE HOUSE STUDIO(朝日村、長野県)にて個展を行いました

2023.10  Solo Exhibit @Numata Photo Gallery in Kiso-Hirasawa NAGANO, JAPAN 

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