Dog Portrait

Hello Dogs! I love you

Animal Portrait Painting

Personal Project

Watercolour and Ink

Since 2019

Special Thanks to;

FitzBennie, Chippy & Chip


Brittany Spaniel, Fitz
French Bulldog, Bennie
Wire Fox Terrier
Japanese Terrier, Jasper
Bull Terrier, Chappy
Boston Terrier, Bobby

How it used for ?

It’s my Personal Project Painting series of adorable dog wherever I find. Some of these works  have turned into original goods like Phone case, Coffee mug, Throw pillow, Wall clock, Stationaries and more! You can find out more fun on my Shop.

Commission work for Your beloved dog!

I know your beloved dog is more than pet. Your beloved dog will be a favourite work of art. For Commission work, please feel free to ask me via e-mail. 

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